Gullible's Travels
Cash Peters

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Narrated By: Cash Peters

Duration: 8 hours and 11 minutes

What to expect

For years, British journalist Cash Peters trekked around Europe and America visiting some of the tackiest attractions in the world for his hugely popular public radio series, The Bad Taste Tours. But a guy can only take so much. Now, as Peters prepares to leave his travel-reporting days behind forever, he takes us along on some of the more ridiculous journeys and adventures of his career. Good-bye, Kansas Barbed Wire Museum; au revoir, Paris sewer system tour; auf wiedersehen, Sound of Music locations tour.

Join Peters on this outrageous behind-the-scenes look at the frustrations of a travel reporter on the road. Marvel at his ongoing battle with PR people and at his fights with men dressed in foam costumes, and gloat because you don’t have to visit the Museum of Bad Art, the Precious Moments Theme Park, or the Museum of Dirt—and he does.


Travel writing, Biography: arts and entertainment, History of the Americas

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“The ultimate travel guide for people who want to experience the very worst that the United States has to offer…[Peters’] jubilant and animated English-accented voice cannot help but pull listeners into his adventures.”


“You had me in stitches. Great job! Now I guess I'll have to buy one of your books.”

N.D., from listener email

“I have decided that you really must marry me…It became reasonably clear that I must propose after the Bad Taste Tour you delivered from The Precious Moments Museum.”