Stealing Your Life
Frank W. Abagnale

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Narrated By: Raymond Todd

Duration: 7 hours and 17 minutes

What to expect

When Frank Abagnale trains law enforcement officers for the FBI’s National Academy about identity theft, he asks agents for their addresses and nothing more. The next day, he returns with everything he would need to steal their lives: Social Security numbers, dates of birth, current salary, checking account numbers, the names of everyone in their family, and more. This illustrates how easy it is for anyone from anywhere in the world to assume our identity and, in a matter of hours, devastate our lives in ways that can take years to recover from.

Considering the fact that a fresh victim is hit in the US every four seconds, Stealing Your Life is the reference everyone needs, by an unsurpassed authority on the latest identity-theft schemes.


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“Offer[s] spine-tingling terror for anyone who has a Social Security number and birth date.”

Publishers Weekly

“This heart-pounding guide drives home the point that identity theft can come from any direction at any time.” 

Publishers Weekly

“Abagnale explains how frighteningly easy it is to open bank accounts and credit cards in someone else’s name.”


“Abagnale gives twenty easy steps to safeguard your identity and credit.”