Feminist Fantasies
Phyllis Schlafly

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Narrated By: Marguerite Gavin

Duration: 8 hours and 7 minutes

What to expect

Phyllis Schlafly was one of the first to recognize that radical feminism, like other destructive ideologies, is at odds with human nature. As the rest of the intellectual elite fell compliantly into line, Schlafly courageously took up the fight for the right to be a woman. Feminist Fantasies is the inspiring story of that fight. In these dispatches from the battlefront, Schlafly exposes the delusions and hypocrisy behind a movement that has cheated millions of women out of their happiness, health, and security.

Like communism, feminism has been a catastrophe for the people it was meant to help. Schlafly opens with a demonstration of its failure in every aspect of women’s lives. Next, she dissects the feminist agenda policy by policy, from “comparable worth” to the attack on reason. Finally, she returns to the heart of most women’s lives, marriage and motherhood, where feminism has inflicted the deepest pain.


Feminism and feminist theory

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“Time and again [Schlafly] goes like a heat-seeking missile to the heart of the matter. Schlafly is brilliant, beautiful, principled, articulate, tireless, and most important, absolutely fearless. And, as this book demonstrates, she is always right.”

Ann Coulter

“Schlafly has helped inspire a new generation of conservative women.”

Washington Times

“Pity the radical feminists. Schlafly’s book shows that every misguided attempt they made to improve the conditions of women backfired.”


“For all public and academic libraries.”

Library Journal

“The one person most responsible for the defeat of the equal rights amendment is nothing if not articulate, cogent, and persuasive…Essential public-affairs reading.”