God and Mr. Gomez
Jack Smith

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Narrated By: William Dufris

Duration: 6 hours and 55 minutes

What to expect

When Jack and Denny Smith decided to build a vacation dream house in Baja, California, they had no idea they were entering a phase of their lives “that would capture the fancy of readers throughout the United States.” Through a series of strange and whimsical adventures, they would find that building a house takes God and Mr. Gomez.

As their house took form first in their imaginations and then on paper, little things went wrong along the way. The building site had a way of moving slightly each time they visited it, and by the time the foundation was laid, it had moved to the middle of the road. Gomez got around that by simply moving the road. Fortunately, Gomez was always on hand to provide the solution, with the philosophy that all practical problems can be solved—with a little time and a little tequila.


Biography: general, History of the Americas, Humour, Travel and holiday, Travel writing

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“A bizarre variety of adventures…a hazardous but hilarious experience.”

Los Angeles Times

“If you’re dreaming of getting away from urban life and long commutes in California, this one’s for you.”


“[Smith] writes with quiet humor and irony and the benign presence of the enigmatic Gomez gives this simple story unexpected grace.”

Kirkus Reviews

“A charming account…Mr. Gomez, on whom all depends, is a delightful character-creation.”