Fall of Che Guevara
Henry Butterfield Ryan

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Narrated By: Richard McGonagle

Duration: 7 hours and 17 minutes

What to expect

This book tells the story—for the first time—of the United States government’s response to Guevara’s ill-starred insurgency in Bolivia in 1967. Henry Butterfield Ryan argues that Guevara’s life must be reevaluated in light of secret documents only recently released by the CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the National Security Council.

Ryan’s dramatic account of the last days of Che Guevara is sure to appeal to scholars and students of United States foreign policy, Latin American history, military history, and to all others interested in this modern revolutionary’s remarkable life.


Biography: historical, political and military, True war and combat stories, Revolutions, uprisings, rebellions, History of the Americas, International relations

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“[Ryan’s] book combines sound traditional scholarship with readability and a sense of identification and drama.”

Times Literary Supplement (London)

“A welcome addition to the literature on both Che Guevara and US intervention in Latin America.”

Washington Monthly

“As a behind-the-scenes look into the issues and personalities that shaped US foreign policy for Latin America…[this book] is fascinating.”

Miami Herald

“A well-written and exhaustively researched book.”

Foreign Affairs

“A cracking good read.”

Journal of Military History

“Has the merit of being both original and brief. It consists largely of a trawl through the American archives, in the wake of the Freedom of Information Act, to discover what the various US government agencies really knew, and thought, and did about Guevara.”

London Review of Books

“Documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act have allowed Ryan…to tell for the first time the role of the US government in foiling Guevara’s final campaign to ignite a revolution in the backwoods of Bolivia.”