True to Our Roots
Paul Dolan

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Narrated By: Barrett Whitener

Duration: 6 hours and 6 minutes

What to expect

Set against the colorful backdrop of the California wine industry, True to Our Roots is the story of how Paul Dolan led his California company, Fetzer Vineyards, to become a model for sustainable businesses everywhere. His respect for the environment, responsibility to his community, avoidance of chemicals, and humanistic approach to his employees will provide inspiration and guidance for executives and managers attempting to build or sustain a modern and healthy organization, balancing values while creating value.


Management and management techniques, Management: leadership and motivation, History of specific companies / corporate history

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“Paul Dolan has not only led the way to sustainability in California viticulture, but has demonstrated that one person in one company can transform an entire industry. If only there were a roomful of Paul Dolans in America, we would be a profoundly different and better country in twenty years. May it be so.”

Paul Hawken, author of The Ecology of Commerce

“Paul Dolan is a provocative and creative leader who has provided an insightful pathway of excellence not just for the current generation but for generations to come. True to Our Roots was illuminating to read, and reread, containing gems of wisdom that go beyond our vineyards and wine cellars to rules of conduct for everyday life. His axioms and guidelines can be applied to all competitive enterprise.”

John A. De Luca, executive vice chairman, Wine Institute

“Reader Barrett Whitener…[speaks] with such conviction that the listener forgets he is a performer and not the author.”


True to Our Roots struck a chord in me. After reading a few chapters…I thought about calling Dolan and telling him that I wanted to work at Fetzer Vineyards…because it seems like the perfect place to work. I have been eagerly awaiting ideas like Dolan’s for a long time. They are ideas whose time has come.”

Press Democrat

“In today’s corporate world in which CEOs seem all too often to be in the business of covering up wrongdoing, Dolan comes across as a breath of fresh air. In True to Our Roots, he’s a charismatic messenger with a contagious message about sustainability in business, where sustainability has rarely been a watchword.”