Peter Bowen

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Narrated By: Christopher Lane

Duration: 5 hours and 56 minutes

What to expect

When a secretive millennial cult from California purchases a ranch on the outskirts of the Montana badlands, an eerily silent, dry, and windy dead zone, the Toussaint townsfolk are none too pleased.

The cult members keep to themselves, but the suspicious circumstances under which they arrived have Gabriel Du Pré questioning their motives and seeking answers. He soon learns from a friend in the FBI that seven of the cult’s recently defected members were killed—each shot to death—but no arrests have been made. Then another shooting occurs at the perimeter of the ranch, and Du Pré finds himself blindly searching for a killer, an explanation for the murders, and the identity of the cult’s elusive leader.


Crime and mystery fiction

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“Christopher Lane reads the oblique thoughts of Gabriel Du Pré, Bowen’s fast-driving, illiterate Western hero, as naturally as possible. Capturing both male and female characters equally well, Lane portrays Du Pré’s girlfriend, the strong and stubborn bartender, Madelaine and his wicked 10-year-old granddaughter, Pallas, with clarity and empathy…[An] intriguing mystery.”


“Actor (Christopher) Lane must be channeling Bowen’s out-of-the-ordinary protagonist. How else could he so perfectly capture Du Pré’s unique rhythmic speech patterns and blunt style? Other characters are also well represented in Lane’s multi-voiced presentation.”