Cracking Your Retirement Nest Egg (without Scrambling Your Finances)
Margaret A. Malaspina

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Narrated By: Celeste Lawson

Duration: 6 hours and 23 minutes

What to expect

Whatever you have—or haven’t—put away, if you are getting serious about retirement, this book can show you the right moves to make and the pitfalls to avoid.

You may not be sure where to allocate your investments or how to structure a comfortable income that won’t run out. You may never have heard of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can make retirement savings—capital gains and income—tax free, if you can control what you earn in your last year before retiring. By understanding what you have to decide and when, you can move into retirement on solid financial ground. The cost of not knowing the rules and of missing key deadlines is too high.


Personal finance, Business and Management

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“The solid, professional narration by Celeste Lawson maintains listener interest in this work, which highlights important areas of concern…Highly recommended.”

Library Journal

“A vital resource for people structuring their retirement incomes, this audio overlooks nothing…the writing is fresh as it encourages people to be as proactive and open-minded as possible regarding their retirement planning.”


“This book delivers what every investor is always pining for—an advantage that will trump mere guesswork.”

Jim Lowell, editor, Fidelity Investor

Cracking Your Retirement Nest Egg will help investors manage what they own—-both right now and through their retirement income years.”