Small Business Owner's Guide to a Good Night's Sleep
Debra Koontz Traverso

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Narrated By: Anna Fields

Duration: 7 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

How would you respond to embezzlement? How about allegations of sexual harassment? Or a serious accident involving a company vehicle?

Debra Traverso tells you how to prepare for the surprises most likely to throw small businesses off course. She helps you to anticipate both predictable hurdles and devastating ordeals, so that no crisis will catch you off guard. You’ll have a plan for response, even if

– Your best employee resigns, taking your best client– Some inflated invoices are discovered by your accountant– Another company claims you’ve illegally used their logo– The EPA finds environmental hazards on your property

No need to waste emotions, time, money, and resources when a crisis hits. You can get a good night’s sleep!


Small businesses and self-employment, Management decision making, Management and management techniques

Listen to a sample

“Here is a no-nonsense guide to what small business owners need to think about before a crisis happens. Anna Fields delivers Traverso’s text in a matter-of-fact, but friendly, conversational tone. This step-by-step guide is filled with lists that are somewhat cumbersome to listen to, but Fields gently pulls off these details by varying vocal intonation and speed. Although business owners cannot be ready for every eventuality, there is lots of solid advice here for preparing for any storm.”


“Offers solutions to your worst problems. This superb book will help you sleep peacefully through the darkest and stormiest night.”

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the bestselling Guerrilla Marketing book series

“This book is uniquely designed to address the kinds of crises that typically strike these companies.”

Larry L. Smith, president, Institute for Crisis Management

“This book will serve as a guide for small-business owners in overcoming all the things we wish would not happen.”