Christian's Secret of a Happy Life
Hannah Whitall Smith

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Narrated By: Marguerite Gavin

Duration: 7 hours and 1 minute

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Hannah Whitall Smith wrote The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life in 1875, originally as an article for her husband's magazine. The book subsequently became a worldwide bestseller that has influenced generations of readers.

In the preface she explains, "This is not a theological book. I frankly confess that I have not been trained in theological schools and do not understand their methods nor their terms. But the Lord has taught me experientially and practically certain lessons out of his Word, which have greatly helped me in my Christian life, and have made it a very happy one. And I want to tell my secret, in the best way I can, in order that some others may be helped into a happy life also."

This classic devotional offers practical advice and a powerful message. Relating to audiences on a personal level, it invites listeners to live full, blessed lives.


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“One of the most inspiring and influential books we have ever read.”

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers

“This work...has never ceased to be in demand and [is] a classic in religious literature.”