Legend in Green Velvet
Elizabeth Peters

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Narrated By: Grace Conlin

Duration: 7 hours and 11 minutes

What to expect

Scotland is Susan’s passion and obsession, and the opportunity to join a Highland dig is a dream come true for the young archaeology student. But then a sinister stranger slips Susan a cryptic message in ancient verse—and is later found viciously slain. A mysterious peril has unexpectedly emerged from the mists to haunt Susan, sending her running for her life in the company of handsome, unconventional laird Jamie Erskine. Caught up in international intrigue involving the trafficking of historical artifacts, Susan has an unseen enemy hiding in the shadows. That someone is going to great lengths to frame her for murder and to bury Susan, if necessary, in this land she loves.


Crime and mystery: women sleuths, Crime and mystery fiction

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“Ms. Peters is truly great…this is a winner on all counts.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“No one is better at juggling torches while dancing on a high wire than Elizabeth Peters.”

Chicago Tribune

“An adroit mix of glamour and suspense.”

Publishers Weekly

“Grace Conlin’s narration conveys the foreign atmosphere that surrounds the history and legend embodied in the story. Her voice captures each scene and character with appealing accents and emotions.”

Publishers Weekly (audio review)

“Grace Conlin’s facility for dialect enriches this pleasant mystery…Her rich, deep voice effortlessly imparts life to the variety of accents and ages, and her superlative narration even makes a couple of plot contrivances seem more plausible.”