Heart of Leadership
Mark Miller

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Narrated By: Jim Manchester

Duration: 2 hours and 50 minutes

What to expect

In this short, easy-to-read fable, bestselling author Mark Miller reveals five habits that underlie leadership character and that determine a leader's success—and he teaches leaders how to develop these habits.

Like Miller's previous books, this one follows the life, learning, and influence of Debbie Bruster. Here she finds herself mentoring Blake Brown, the son of her former mentor. Rather than answer Blake's questions about leadership directly, Debbie introduces him to other leaders, each of whom shares a unique perspective on what really makes a leader successful. As Blake puts the pieces together, he discovers his problem is not one of skills but of character—that leadership is more about the heart of the leader than the head or hands. In fact, Miller summarized these traits with the acronym HEART: Hunger for Wisdom, Expect the Best, Accept Responsibility, Respond with Courage, and Think Others First. With the help of his new friends and mentors, Blake is able to build a plan to transform his heart.

The good news is that leadership is not just the purview of the few—it is within reach for millions of aspiring leaders around the world. This book is the road map they need to get their lives and careers on track.


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“The most important leadership tool you have is not your education, your experience, or your know-how. It’s your heart. In this book, Mark provides a clear prescription for using yours to become the kind of leader people want to follow.”

Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author

“Mark Miller has done it again! Another outstanding book—this time on the most important aspect of leadership: who you are as a leader. If you focus only on skills, you are ignoring 90 percent of what makes a great leader. Through an engaging parable, Mark reveals the five qualities of leadership character. And the good news is, they can be learned. Read this book, discover what they are, and take them to heart!”

Jesse Lyn Stoner, coauthor of the international bestseller Full Steam Ahead!

“Mark once again demonstrates the power of a simple story well told. The Heart of Leadership will serve leaders around the world for decades to come.”

Dr. Henry Cloud, leadership consultant, psychologist, and bestselling author of Boundaries and Necessary Endings

“This book will help you reach your leadership potential, espousing good principles that most learn only through the school of hard knocks—and many never learn at all.”

Ron Wallace, former president of UPS International

“There are so many buzzwords in business that claim to be the answer to all leadership woes. The truth is that leadership is all about the people, and to have success with people, read The Heart of Leadership, and watch your leadership soar to a whole new level.”

Todd Nielsen, author and COO, JMARK Business Solutions

The Heart of Leadership addresses the primary stumbling block for leaders: themselves! If you want to improve how you lead others, you must first improve how you lead yourself. This great little book shows you how.”