Investing in One Lesson
Mark Skousen

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Narrated By: Jeff Riggenbach

Duration: 5 hours and 4 minutes

What to expect

Mark Skousen has built his impressive reputation as one of the industry’s best-known investment advisors by consistently beating the market year after year. Now, he passes along his entire investment philosophy, based on his decades of experience, in a single, one-lesson book.

Investing in One Lesson first unravels the intricacies of Wall Street, explaining in layman’s terms why financial markets frequently behave in seemingly irrational ways. Then Skousen reveals his surprisingly simple strategy for making money in the stock market and shows why his approach stands the test of time and the scrutiny of skeptics.

Including personal anecdotes from Skousen’s career, Investing in One Lesson is an indispensable guide for beginning investors or those seeking to increase their returns.


Personal finance, Investment and securities, Business and Management, Investment and securities

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“There are few infallible truths of investing, but Mark Skousen identifies the one principle that comes close to gospel in explaining how investors grow rich—and stay rich. In this commonsense guide, Dr. Skousen show how investors can learn the one lesson of investing and build a secure and prosperous future.”

Richard E. Band, editor, Profitable Investing

“Mark Skousen is one of the best financial economists I know. His books on free-market economics and investing can’t be beat. Like me he’s upbeat and optimistic about supply-side/Austrian economics, and has been instrumental in educating students, business people, government leaders, and fellow economists on sound economics and finance. I urge you to read his book and follow his simple, powerful investment strategy in Investing in One Lesson.”

Larry Kudlow, host, Kudlow and Company

“Mark Skousen has a remarkable talent for explaining complex financial principles in everyday, understandable language. Investing in One Lesson is easy to read and full of practical advice. Read this book and you will relax and feel comfortable about your financial plan in any and all market conditions.”