Lincoln's Spymaster
David Hepburn Milton

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Narrated By: William Hughes

Duration: 5 hours and 57 minutes

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The Civil War conjures images of blood-soaked battlefields in the United States, but few are aware of the equally important diplomatic and intelligence contest that raged between the North and South in Europe. While the Confederacy sought Great Britain as a strategic ally, the Union utilized diplomacy and espionage to avert both the construction of a Confederate navy and the threat of war with England.

At the forefront of the international fray was Thomas Haines Dudley, the American consul in Liverpool and “the father of modern American intelligence.” As the Confederates determined to utilize British shipyards, Dudley established a network of agents throughout England to report on enemy activities and, ultimately, to negate foreign intervention in the American Civil War.


History of the Americas, Military history

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“Milton’s finely crafted work is a story of intrigue and deception that adds another vital element to the international dimensions of the American Civil War.”

Howard Jones, author of Union in Peril

“A convincing and splendidly succinct account of Dudley’s considerable and even vital contribution to the Union’s triumph.”

Brian Jenkins, author of Britain and the War for the Union, volumes 1 and 2

Lincoln’s Spymaster is a convincing, succinctly told story of Dudley’s successful contributions to the Union’s war effort…Milton’s impressively researched book reads like a spy novel. He makes history come alive with a worthy contribution to Civil War literature.”