What Katy Did Next
Susan Coolidge

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Narrated By: Susan O'Malley

Duration: 6 hours and 1 minute

What to expect

Katy was the sort of girl who might do anything next, so long as it was something exciting! At twenty-one, she was as eager for adventure as ever, and what greater adventure could there be for an American girl than a trip to Europe? Watching a Punch-and-Judy show in London…driving down the Champs-Élysées in Paris…on to the Riviera and the picture-postcard blue of the Mediterranean…on again to Italy, Naples, Rome, Florence and, at last, to Venice and into a gondola on the Grand Canal, with a handsome young naval officer who—ah, but that would be telling!


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“Katy goes to Europe and is so fortunate as to enjoy the novelties and beauties which she sees, with ideal enthusiasm. Somehow, despite the familiarity of the ground, the story does not lack interest and freshness. The book is bright, sensible, and entertaining.”


“The freshness of spirit, charm of style, warm sympathy with and large knowledge of childhood, which have characterized all Susan Coolidge’s stories for young readers reappear in [What Katy Did Next].”

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“Susan Coolidge’s books need no commending; they are as tempting as they are sweet and pure; she knows how to make attractive everything she touches; and good literature, good English, does not suffer at her hands, while the refinement of tone and moral fiber are all that could be desired.”

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“Written in Miss Coolidge’s usual bright style…the characters are well drawn and the tone as high as its predecessors.”