Don't Die Broke
Margaret A. Malaspina

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Narrated By: Susan O'Malley

Duration: 6 hours and 33 minutes

What to expect

Considering what’s at stake, it’s surprising how little we know about the key decisions we’ll face concerning the retirement money we’ve accumulated. Taking charge of retirement savings today presents a whole new and complex set of decisions: Do you accept your employer’s offer of a lifetime pension? Should you leave 401(k) money where it is or roll it into an IRA? What about a Roth IRA? How can you provide for your spouse and transfer wealth to your heirs? Personal finance writer and financial education expert Margaret Malaspina takes you through all the options and decisions that you’ll face when you are ready to retire, and offers sound guidance customized to your own situation. This is the guide that can help you get the most out of what you’ve earned, lower your tax bills, and create a stream of income that will last for the rest of your life.


Personal finance, Accounting, Investment and securities

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“Offers a fresh take on one of today’s hottest money matters…While most such guides concentrate on actually amassing those future fiscal resources in the first place, Malaspina shows instead how to maximize what you’re (hopefully) already building so you’ll (hopefully) always have what you need…In clear, highly focused chapters, she offers solid suggestions for creating a lasting retirement income, lowering potential taxes, and building an estate worth passing along.”, editorial review

“This aptly named book, written by seasoned financial journalist Margaret Malaspina, is…filled with minute details, such as estimating longevity and comparing payouts. Geared towards people about age 55, it features interviews with several financial planners for advice on topics such as beneficiaries and IRA.”


“Government lawyers have wrapped your retirement money in red tape. This concise, readable guide will help you unravel it.”

John Rothchild, former columnist, Time and Fortune magazines

“The issues are complicated. Mistakes are costly…Don’t Die Broke can help you crack the code. There’s not another book like it.”

Peter Lynch, vice chairman, Fidelity Management & Research Co.

“Malaspina’s lucid and thorough explanation of the process for turning retirement assets into income is a valuable primer for investors.”

Barbara Levin, executive director, Forum for Investor Advice

“If you are approaching retirement, Margaret Malaspina’s book is required reading…[it] offers a practical, easy-to-understand blueprint for making the most of all those assets you have worked so hard to build during your working years…[it] may well save you thousands of dollars during your retirement years-that’s a return on investment that’s hard to beat!”