In Morocco
Edith Wharton

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Narrated By: Anna Fields

Duration: 4 hours and 54 minutes

What to expect

"To step on board a steamer in a Spanish port, and three hours later to land in a country without a guidebook, is a sensation to rouse the hunger of the most replete sightseer. The sensation is attainable by any one who will take the trouble to row out into the harbor of Algeciras and scramble onto a little black boat headed across the straits."

A classic of travel writing, In Morocco is Edith Wharton's remarkable account of her journey to that country during World War I. With her characteristic sense of adventure, Wharton set out to explore Morocco and its people, traveling by military jeep to Rabat, Moulay Idriss, Fez, and Marrakech, from the Atlantic coast to the high Atlas. Along the way, she witnessed religious ceremonies and ritual dances, visited the opulent palaces of the sultan, and was admitted to the mysterious world of his harem.


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“Wharton on the road is an inexhaustible joy.”

Times (London)

“There was no guide book to the country before this one...[her] descriptions brim with life and colour.”

Independent (London)

“Since the audio is a first-person account, the narration apparently is being told by Wharton herself. For her fans, that places a large burden on Fields, who meets the challenge. Her voice is forceful, intelligent, textured, and clear…The way she handles foreign words is masterful.”


“Wharton’s language alternates between unimpassioned frankness and voluptuous description of Morocco’s staggering natural and cultural beauty. Anna Fields takes her cue from the text, delivering a clipped and assured reading when Wharton discusses conveyance, history, and other mundane matters, and an unhurried, even dreamy, reading of Wharton’s sensuous and evocative descriptions.”