Letters to Malcolm
C. S. Lewis

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Narrated By: Ralph Cosham

Duration: 3 hours and 24 minutes

What to expect

This beautifully conceived meditation on prayers and praying from beloved author and theologian C. S. Lewis was the final book he wrote.

In the form of warm, relaxed letters to a close friend, C. S. Lewis meditates on many puzzling questions concerning the intimate dialogue between man and God. He considers practical and metaphysical aspects of prayer, such as when we pray and where. He questions why we seek to inform God in our prayers if he is omniscient, whether there is an ideal form of prayer, and which of our many selves we show to God while praying. The concluding letter contains provocative thoughts about “liberal Christians,” the soul, and resurrection.

Lewis never intended for this book to instruct readers how to pray but rather wanted it to illuminate the purpose of prayer and what really happens when we take the time to communicate with our Heavenly Father.


Christian life and practice, Personal religious testimony and popular inspirational works, Christianity, Prayer and prayer books

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“If wit, and wisdom, style and scholarship are requisites…Mr. Lewis will be among the angels.”

New Yorker

“[Lewis] is writing about a path that he had to find, and the reader feels not so much that he is listening to what C. S. Lewis has to say but that he is making his own search with a humorous, sensible friend beside him.”

Times Literary Supplement (London)

“A beautifully executed and deeply moving little book.”

Saturday Review

“Lewis’ device of an imaginary correspondence becomes an interesting medium as delivered by Cosham. With masterly control he gives the letters life, expertly arguing points of contention, ironing out misunderstandings, and reveling in the points of agreement. In addition, he touchingly depicts the personal dramas of each man’s life.”


“As homey and honest as its title…Lewis is a learned man and a wise one.”