James Sallis

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Narrated By: G. Valmont Thomas

Duration: 4 hours and 13 minutes

What to expect

As Lew Griffin leaves a New Orleans music club with an older white woman he’s just met, someone fires a shot and Lew goes down. When he comes fully to, Griffin discovers that most of a year has gone by since that night. What happened? Who was the woman? Which of them was the target? Who was the sniper? There are too many pieces missing, too few facts, and a powerful need to know why a year has been stolen from his life.

Weaving Griffin’s search for identity—one of the recurring themes in this magnificent series—with a sensuous portrait of the people and places that define New Orleans, Sallis continues not only to unravel Griffin’s past but to map his future—and our own. Bluebottle continues the mysterious journey begun in The Long-Legged Fly and demonstrates the growing mastery of one of America’s finest crime fiction stylists.


Crime and mystery fiction

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“Unlike any other any other you’re likely to crack open.”

Los Angeles Times

“Sallis is a masterful stylist in the contemporary crime-writing scene who clearly knows that in real life, the truth doesn’t always appear neatly gift-wrapped in a pretty package.”

Lansing State Journal

“Skillfulling weaving Mr. Griffin’s past into the tapestry of the novel, Mr. Sallis has put together a mystery that is more than a mystery: It is the definition of a man’s life.”

Dallas Morning News

“Haunting…Readers are transported on a tide of evocative language into an impressionistic story…Sallis’ voice is unique among mystery writers, and this novel, like previous ones in the series, is unforgettable.”

Publishers Weekly

“More fine work from a talented writer.”

Library Journal

“Fans will want to read this one.”