Kaylene Johnson

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Narrated By: Cassandra Campbell

Duration: 2 hours and 59 minutes

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Sarah Palin, a hockey mom and small town mayor, thought her dream of making a difference in the male-dominated realm of Alaska politics was over when she clashed with the state chairman of her Republican Party and went head-to-head with the powerful Republican governor. In 2006, she became a long-shot candidate for governor, demanding a higher ethical standard in state government—and then fate intervened. When a major political scandal rocked Alaska politics, her populist reform message suddenly became front-page news—and when Alaskans began listening to her, they liked what they heard.


Regional, state and other local government, Biography: historical, political and military, Political leaders and leadership, Biography: general, Gender studies: women and girls, Politics and government

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“Probably the most popular public official in any state.”

FOX News Network

“She’s proceeding to shatter the traditional political mold.”

USA Today

“Cassandra Campbell’s narration of the now-familiar story of the bold, athletic girl who grew up to balance motherhood and politics is mostly admiring, even when the book touches on controversies Palin has dealt with.”


“Wildly popular, she’s more than just a pretty face.”