Sherman Alexie

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Narrated By: Adam Beach

Duration: 4 hours and 41 minutes

What to expect

From the New York Times bestselling author of multiple award-winning books comes this powerful, fast, and timely story of a troubled foster teenager—a boy who is not a “legal” Indian because he was never claimed by his father—who learns the true meaning of terror.

About to commit a devastating act, young “Zits” finds himself shot back through time on a shocking sojourn through moments of violence in American history. He resurfaces in the form of an FBI agent during the civil rights era, inhabits the body of an Indian child during the battle at Little Big Horn, and then rides with an Indian tracker in the nineteenth-century before materializing as an airline pilot jetting through the skies today. When finally, blessedly, our young warrior comes to rest again in his own contemporary body, he is mightily transformed by all he has seen.

This is Sherman Alexie at his most brilliant, making us laugh while breaking our hearts. Simultaneously wrenching and deeply humorous, wholly contemporary yet steeped in American history, Flight is irrepressible, fearless, and again, groundbreaking Alexie.


Fiction: general and literary, Fantasy

Listen to a sample

“Adam Beach’s narration is spot-on for a back-talking, unsure, acerbic, wounded teen trying to learn about hate and love. His narration stays attuned to the pace, quickening or slowing with Zits’s various encounters. Beach isn’t as adept with voices for the people whom Zits meets along the way, but it’s the main character’s travels and point of view that matter. It’s a moving, gripping, engaging, and funny journey, one worth taking to see how a troubled teen ends up


“Right up to the novel’s final sentence, Mr. Alexie succeeds yet again with his ability to pierce to the heart of matters, leaving this reader with tears in her eyes.”

S. Walsh, New York Times

“Alexie…choreographs potent, dramatic stand-alone scenes that would play well on stage…The quest for revenge becomes a lesson in empathy, and while ‘lesson’ may not sound like a recipe for good fiction, Zits is extraordinarily good company. Self-mocking without being self-effacing, he seduces us with attitude that seems especially geared to teenage readers…Original, funny, and provocative—a trip worth taking.”

Washington Post Book World

“Captivating…one quickly surrenders to Zits’ voice, which elegantly mixes free-floating young adult cynicism with a charged, idiosyncratic view of American history. Alexie plunges the book into bracing depths.”

Publishers Weekly

“The captivatingly drawn character of Zits will resonate with teen readers a long time after the last page is turned.”


“Alexie’s concentrated and mesmerizing novel…asserts that people of all backgrounds are equally capable of good and evil.”


“Reader Adam Beach does a pretty good job capturing Native American cadence through the voice of the adolescent protagonist.”