Money Managers and Mutual Funds
Donald J. Christensen

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Narrated By: Louis Rukeyser

Duration: 2 hours and 49 minutes

What to expect

What do professional money managers offer to the individual investor, and to what degree can they be expected to outperform the market? Investors increasingly choose mutual funds, themselves run by money managers, as a preferred way to invest in securities. How should an investor come to terms with the dizzying number of choices available, and how can we anticipate the future performance of a manager or mutual fund?

Secrets of the Great Investors Series is a collection of presentations that explain, in understandable language, the strategies, tactics, and principles that have produced great wealth and how you can improve your financial future. History's greatest investors used powerful investing philosophies to produce superior results, and you can learn from their successes and mistakes.


Business and Management, Investment and securities, Personal finance, Personal finance, Investment and securities

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