Gold, Hard Money, and Financial Gurus
Michael Ketcher, Gary L. Alexander

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Narrated By: Louis Rukeyser

Duration: 2 hours and 52 minutes

What to expect

For centuries, gold has been considered a safe haven: it is tangible, unlike an account balance, and its value is relatively stable, especially as a hedge against inflation. To what degree should investors seek security in gold, or in other kinds of hard money? In the second part of this presentation we discuss the financial writers and gurus whose analysis and comments reflect, and sometimes influence, the world of finance and economics.

The Secrets of the Great Investors series is a collection of presentations that explain, in understandable language, the strategies, tactics, and principles that have produced great wealth, and how you can improve your financial future. History's greatest investors used powerful investing philosophies to produce superior results, and you can learn from their successes and mistakes.


Business and Management, Investment and securities, Personal finance, Investment and securities

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