Take Command
Kelly Perdew

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Narrated By: Kelly Perdew, Brent Osborn

Duration: 4 hours and 41 minutes

What to expect

Trump prot├®g├® Kelly Perdew teaches how you can take the can-do military spirit into the workplace and be all you aspire to be—and win.

Kelly Perdew, winner of The Apprentice 2, has what it takes to lead. His secret weapon: the principles he learned at West Point as a US Army Intelligence officer and as an Airborne Ranger, principles that he's applied to business with the same firepower determination that makes our military the best on the battlefield.

In the military, there's no margin for error. Wrong decisions are deadly decisions. Likewise, in business, wrong decisions can cost you your job. In Take Command, Kelly gives you an insider look at how business luminaries with military training, such as Donald Trump, Ross Perot, Marty Evans, Bill Coleman, and Roger Staubach, have achieved success through ten essential principles: duty, impeccability, passion, perseverance, planning, teamwork, loyalty, flexibility, selfless service, and integrity.


Management: leadership and motivation

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