Communist Manifesto and Social Contract
Ralph Raico, Wendy McElroy

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Narrated By: Craig Deitschmann, a supporting cast, E. R. Davies, Travis Hardison, John Lutz, Don Jones

Duration: 2 hours and 54 minutes

What to expect

This presentation discusses two political documents that have changed history: Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract.

In the Communist Manifesto, Marx argues that history flows inevitably toward a social revolution, which will result in a society without economic classes, private property, or a state. This presentation examines Marx's theory and goals and the influence of other philosophers on his work.

Rousseau believed that people secure their liberty by entering into an implied contract with government. His controversial explanation of social authority in Social Contract fanned the flames of the French Revolution. This presentation explores the implications of his concept of social order for individual freedom and social good.

The Giants of Political Thought Series offers an easy and entertaining way to broaden your mind and your awareness of great ideas.


Politics and government, Philosophy and theory of education, Far-left political ideologies and movements, Left-of-centre democratic ideologies, Political ideologies and movements

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