God of Second Chances
Don Baker

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Narrated By: Raymond Todd

Duration: 3 hours and 17 minutes

What to expect

This is a book for the hurting and the heartbroken.

The Bible says that no prophet emerged from Israel like Moses. Called a "friend of God," he knew God face-to-face. He earned this status through trial and error, through his failures and God's forgiveness. The Lord refined and remade Moses by giving him many "second chances."

God works in all of our lives in this way, always offering "second chances." His goal for us is not a trouble-free life but transformation, to be molded through experience into a faithful, obedient, and refined disciple of Jesus Christ. Such transformation takes time and can be painful, but God knows just what it takes to get us there. He did it with Moses, and he can do it with us.


Religion and beliefs

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“Baker is strongest when he uses personal stories to illustrate his points, and so is Raymond Todd’s narration…Todd follows Baker’s switch in cadence—now writing as a minister, exhorting his congregation, now explaining historical points more calmly—and really comes alive when delivering Baker’s stories of personal suffering. Then Todd manages to express pain, awe, and wonder simultaneously.”