Joseph F. Girzone

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Narrated By: Raymond Todd

Duration: 4 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

Joseph Girzone, the author who so powerfully captured the spirit of Jesus in his Joshua novels and in his bestselling A Portrait of Jesus, now brings his work to culmination with a beautiful retelling of the life and work of Jesus based on the accounts in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Girzone captures the greatest story ever told in the language that will open the hearts of readers from all backgrounds. From the birth of the Messiah, to the wedding at Cana, the Sermon on the Mount, the Passion, and the triumphant Resurrection, each episode and lesson from the life of Jesus is rendered with wisdom and freshness.


Criticism and exegesis of sacred texts, Bibles

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“Girzone uses Jesus’ relationships with both God and others to define just what intimacy with God actually looks like.”

Publishers Weekly

“Based on the Gospels, the life and lessons of Jesus—from birth to resurrection—are retold in Jesus. Todd’s rendering adds majesty to the words.”


“Girzone draws on the wisdom of the centuries, writing [with] humanity and spirit.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Girzone's empathy for the lonliness and insecurity of being human guides readers toward a more satisfying religious experience”