Case of Jennie Brice
Mary Roberts Rinehart

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Narrated By: C. M. Hébert

Duration: 3 hours and 43 minutes

What to expect

The blood-stained rope and towel, the stray slipper, the broken knife—and the disappearance of the lovely Jennie Brice—were enough to convince Mrs. Pitman that murder had been commited in her boardinghouse. The police, however, were another matter. Without a tangible body, there could be no official murder charge.

Mrs. Pitman ran a respectable establishment and was not about to harbor a killer on the premises. If the police couldn't see what was in front of their noses, then she would just have to take matters into her own hands. As the landlady, after all, she had the perfect excuse to do a little judicious snooping.


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“A money’s worth of chills and thrills.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes you have the good fortune to come upon a novel that’s like a suit tailored in Bond Street or an understated little black frock by a top designer, so exquisitely put together that you don’t quite realize you’re seeing something extra special until you take a second look. Even if the flood scenes were its only attraction, Jennie Brice would be well worth a second look.”