Juliette Low
Helen Boyd Higgins

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Narrated By: Lynne Taccogna

Duration: 2 hours and 11 minutes

What to expect

Share the childhood adventures of the young girl from Savannah, Georgia, who would grow up to found the Girl Scouts®. “Daisy” Gordon would rather climb a tree and ride a horse than learn to dance and sew. “There’s not one thing I can’t do that boys can,” said Daisy, and the organization she created years later proved her words.

Praised by parents, teachers, and historians, the Young Patriots Series is an ideal way to sweep today’s young listeners into history. The everyday details of family life, the time period in which they lived, what they wore, and the challenges they faced in school create a window through which children can access history. The early evidence of character, responsibility, ability, and courage are showcased in common situations to which every child can relate.


Children’s / Teenage general interest: Biography and autobiography, Children’s / Teenage general interest: History and the past, Children’s / Teenage fiction: Biographical fiction

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“[The Young Patriots Series] would make a popular and much appreciated addition to any personal, school or community library biography collection for young readers.”

Midwest Book Review

“A wonderful story about the founder of the Girl Scouts.”


“Adds a more personal touch to the lives of well-known adults, by showing readers what their childhood was like.”