Many Things Invisible
Carrington MacDuffie

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Narrated By: Carrington MacDuffie, Dion Graham, Nick Eldredge, Arthur Parian, Sona Parian, Stephan Weyte, Charles McDuffie, Riz Rollins

Duration: 57 minutes

What to expect

In this collection of fourteen poems by veteran vocal performer Carrington MacDuffie, spoken word is interwoven with music, sound, and vocals to create evocative and richly colored works of the imagination. Surreal, with a hint of the fairy tale, crossing grittiness with sweetness and light, the stories and images are haunting, engaging expressions of the female voice. Other voices are brought in to accent the work, and the music moves from meditative and entrancing to energized and impassioned. This highly original, multilayered confluence of language and sound can be experienced intimately for the depth of its content or enjoyed for its dreamy atmosphere.


Poetry, Music, Poetry

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“This production is an intriguing experience in poetry and music that creates an unusual and agreeable collage of word songs…The listening experience is peaceful, meditative, and engaging. The high quality of audio mixing highlights the many layers of sound…The 14 poems and their musical illustrations are over all too quickly, but the hour-long experience is only as far away as the repeat button.”