Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
Yuri Rasovsky

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Narrated By: a full cast

Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes

What to expect

Inspired by the classic silent film of 1919, this original audio play won the Independent Publishers Award in 1998 for best direct-to-audio production. John de Lancie stars as a young poet who visits a fair one night with his friend and girlfriend. Entering Dr. Caligari’s tent, they meet the mysterious Cesare, a kind of zombie, who is neither alive nor dead—and who forecasts doom for our high-strung protagonist and his friends.

Combining the directness of an old-time radio play and the language and themes of high psychological drama, this unique production was written, produced and directed by Peabody and Audie Award–winner Yuri Rasovsky and features a superb cast.


Horror and supernatural fiction, Classic fiction

Listen to a sample

“This superb audio is eerily atmospheric and entertaining.”

Los Angeles Times

“A hair-raising romp faithful to old-style radio, a 3-D aural experience stuffed with clopping horses, weird carnival music, creaking doors, and a solid cast headlined by Star Trek alumnus John de Lancie. Among the best moments are the weird sotto voice mutterings of Cesare, the pale, undead creature at the heart of the drama, falling from faintly vibrating powder-blue lips.”

Austin American Statesman

“The plot shook me. I choose not to give away one blessed word of this incredible experience. It was very nearly orgasmic.”


“The easily frightened should not listen to this alone, especially on a dark and stormy night. Rasovsky has done a terrific job writing, producing and directing…An excellent cast with many familiar voices brings to life a tale reminiscent of Poe and Ray Bradbury.”


“The writing and performances are reminiscent of the classics. The often witty, intelligent dialogue is delivered with precision from these talented actors.”