In the Midst of Life
Ambrose Bierce

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Narrated By: Paul Boehmer, Gabrielle de Cuir, Stefan Rudnicki

Duration: 8 hours and 49 minutes

What to expect

In the Midst of Life: Tales of Soldiers and Civilians is a collection of twenty-six short stories originally published in 1909 detailing the lives of soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. Ambrose Bierce’s stories about Civil War soldiers include

“A Horseman in the Sky,”“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,”“Chickamauga,”“A Son of the Gods,”“One of the Missing,”“Killed at Resaca,”“The Affair at Coulter’s Notch,”“The Coup de Grâce,”“Parker Adderson, Philosopher,”“An Affair of Outposts,”“The Story of a Conscience,”“One Kind of Officer,”“One Officer, One Man,”“George Thurston,” and“The Mocking-Bird.”

Bierce’s stories about the lives of civilians during the Civil War period include

“The Man Out of the Nose,”“An Adventure at Brownville,”“The Famous Gilson Bequest,”“The Applicant,”“A Watcher by the Dead,”“The Man and the Snake,”“A Holy Terror,”“The Suitable Surroundings,”“The Boarded Window,”“A Lady from Red Horse,” and“The Eyes of the Panther.”


War, combat and military adventure fiction, Horror and supernatural fiction, Short stories, Fiction: general and literary, Classic fiction

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“Ambrose Bierce is arguably the finest not-quite-first-rate writer in nineteenth-century American literature.”

New York Review of Books, praise for the author

“These tales are so original as to defy comparison…weird and curious…There’s nothing like it in fiction.”