Love in Every Stitch
Lee Gant

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Narrated By: Dawn Harvey

Duration: 5 hours and 35 minutes

What to expect

In this inspiring book, master knitter, teacher, and widely published knitwear designer Lee Gant shares real-life stories about the power of knitting.

As an employee of three different yarn stores, a teacher of countless knitting classes, and a volunteer with at-risk youth, Lee has had the opportunity to gather diverse stories. The stories she shares about herself and fellow knitters from around the world illustrate how each stitch and purl can comfort and calm, heal and renew. A suicidal teenager crochets through pregnancy. A dying woman finds comfort in the company of knitters. A woman finds the courage to face her estranged parents. A woman going blind realizes she can still knit—and experience life. And Lee's life, riddled with more than just anxiety, has at last become stable and productive. This book includes stories of women, men, and teens who have experienced profound change and enlightenment through knitting and crochet.


Memoirs, Knitting, Complementary therapies, healing and health, Coping with drug and alcohol problems

Listen to a sample

“Everyone knows that handmade knitted items warm the body, but only knitters understand that the craft of knitting can also heal the mind and soothe the soul. In this beautiful and uplifting book, Lee Gant tells her personal account of how knitting made a difference in her life. Read her story: You’ll laugh, and you’ll cry. And, if you’re not already a devoted knitter, I bet by the end you’ll be registered for your first lesson at your local yarn shop! What this world needs is more folks like Ms. Gant—and, of course, more knitters.”

Melissa Leapman, bestselling author of Knitting the Easy Way

“I found it hard to put down, the raw emotion in her words draws you in, and you will find yourself willing her on to succeed…There are lessons for us all to learn in this book.”

Betsan Corkhill, author of Knitting for Wellness

“Lee Gant gives an honest account of her past substance abuse, entwining her stories with her passion for knitting. Not only has she recovered and persevered, but she continues her journey as she teaches the art of knitting to others with similar issues. Ms. Gant’s color descriptions are delicious, enticing anyone to taste the craft of knitting…Highly recommended.”