Sex from Scratch
Sarah Mirk

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Narrated By: Mark Peckham, Jorjeana Marie, Caitlin Davies, Julia Whelan, Bahni Turpin, Cassandra Campbell, Andi Arndt, Karen White, Erin Bennett, Carrington MacDuffie, Sean Runnette, various narrators

Duration: 5 hours and 53 minutes

What to expect

With nearly half of marriages ending in divorce, an increasing number of people deciding not to have kids, and more people than ever identifying as LGBT, modern life is clearly in the need of modern relationship advice. Sex from Scratch analyzes the facets of contemporary relationships through the struggles, opinions, and experiences of a diverse group of individuals living in nontraditional relationships. Rather than telling readers how to snag a partner and find "true love," it gleans real-life knowledge from people of all sexualities and genders—including individuals trying to make open relationships work to those who have opted against having children—distilling their hard-earned wisdom. Contributions from Andi Zeisler, Stu Rasmussen, Betty Dodson, and others make this love and dating guidebook an essential, fun, and insightful resource for anyone in any type of relationship.


Dating, relationships, living together and marriage: advice and issues, Sex and sexuality: advice and issues, Self-help, personal development and practical advice

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“Realistic, smart, and helpful. Its wisdom will be of great benefit to teenagers and young adults who are trying to figure out dating, sexual attraction, and, well, sexuality itself.”