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Stop being a servant of the life you're living and become a creator of the world you want. Electrifying lessons in power, influence and persuasion to equalise women in an unequal world.

Why do so many women feel they're too much yet not enough? How can you feel 'good and mad' yet reluctant to speak up in a meeting or difficult conversation? What causes women to freeze at critical moments?

Kasia Urbaniak spent 17 years studying to become a Taoist nun. To foot the bill for her studies, she worked as a high-paid (and extremely successful) dominatrix in dungeons around New York City. What she learned in these two wildly different settings has turned into her life's work.

UNBOUND brings Urbaniak's unique teachings for women on speaking power, persuading others and navigating conflict to a mainstream audience for the first time. Part polemic, part practical, it opens women's eyes to why they frequently find it so difficult - personally, professionally and socially - to raise their voices, why they freeze in challenging circumstances and what they can do to change this. Too often women find themselves in the role of 'sub' when they need to be more 'dom' - in short they are paralysed by their Good Girl Syndrome and a deep-seated need to please everyone and anyone except themselves.

UNBOUND offers precise, practical instruction in how to stand in your power, find your voice and use it well. Part manual, part manifesto, it will help you cut through layers of self-censoring and self-doubt to go after what you truly want, and live your wildest, best and most satisfying life.

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Popular psychology, Self-help, personal development and practical advice, Assertiveness, motivation, self-esteem and positive mental attitude

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When it comes to power dynamics and influencing others, Kasia Urbaniak is a seasoned professional.


a master at unpicking power dynamics

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[Kasia’s] Academy is one of the new unconventional entities emerging to fight harassment, discrimination and bias.