Let's Talk
Dr Therese Huston

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Narrated By: Therese Huston

Duration: 7 hours and 35 minutes

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Critical feedback, delivered frequently and expertly, can be a game changer - it can turn average performers into the hardest workers and stars into superstars. But fear of hurt feelings and awkward conversations often lead managers to hold back from offering crucial insights. According to recent studies, 44% of managers dread giving feedback, while 65% of employees wish their managers gave more.

In Let's Talk, Dr. Therese Huston shows how to give constructive feedback skilfully and with confidence. She argues that to give evaluations that employees take to heart, you first need to find out what kind of feedback your employees want most. Do they want to be appreciated, coached, or evaluated? All three are important, but if you deliver the kind of feedback each person craves, they are more likely to hear what you have to say and step up their game.

Huston offers highly practical and uncomplicated strategies to turn painful assessments into productive conversations, from how to best state your intentions and the importance of taking the other person's side, to why we need to give employees the chance to respond and be listened to. This handbook will offer the tools to help managers improve performance, trust and morale and make a once-dreaded task feel natural.

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Imagine being known as the person who makes those around them both successful and happy. Mastering how to give good feedback is essential. This book helps you navigate through the competing theories to become a feedback-giving maestro.

Michael Bungay Stanier, bestselling author of THE COACHING HABIT and THE ADVICE TRAP

Therese Huston delivers a pep talk, toolkit, and decoding of employee behaviour, all in one. Using both stories and science, she leaves us wiser, braver, fairer, and better. This book is a gift that belongs within arm's reach of every manager at all times.

Dolly Chugh, author of THE PERSON YOU MEAN TO BE and Associate Professor at NYU Stern

Giving great feedback - whether recognition, coaching or evaluation - is a game-changer when it comes to helping each other do our best work. We know that. And yet, it's incredibly difficult to do it well, in a way that's useful, fair, and strengthen relationships. Let's Talk breaks down giving feedback with the latest research, relevant stories, and actionable frameworks that we can all apply to turn feedback into a personal superpower.

Julie Zhuo, bestselling author of THE MAKING OF A MANAGER

If you've ever been afraid to deliver constructive criticism, this book is for you. It's full of practical examples and tactical tips to show you how to become an expert on giving feedback that works and the type of leader that everyone will want to follow.

Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy, authors of NO HARD FEELINGS

It's easy to go your whole career giving well-intentioned but useless feedback. This brilliant book identifies the most common mistakes managers make with surgical precision, and empowers you with ninja listening skills, emotional management techniques, and whip-smart scripts to create real behavior change and lasting trust.