How to Master Your Monkey Mind
Don Macpherson

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Narrated By: Don Macpherson

Duration: 6 hours and 38 minutes

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Are you a worrier?
Do stress and anxiety cloud your mind?
Do you ever really sleep properly?

For the first time, in this book, renowned mind coach Don Macpherson will share his ten simple tools to help you turn down the volume on the negative chatter in your head and take back control of your life.

With more than 25 years' experience in his field, his techniques have turned around the performances of countless elite sports stars from the worlds of Formula One, rugby union and tennis.

Don will show you how to find your inner confidence, be more assertive and change your life for the better.

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Assertiveness, motivation, self-esteem & positive mental attitude, Coping with anxiety & phobias, Sports psychology

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More and more of us are realising that we need some help to make sense of ourselves and our world. The problem is that the human condition is so massively complicated that the solution can seem ultimately unfathomable. You could read every book under the sun and be none the wiser. But do not despair! You may need to read just one! It is a massive relief to find someone like Don MacPherson who has a gift for guiding us gently back to the path. He does it brilliantly. He makes it all seem so simple and achievable in his own unique, reassuring and gently humorous way. This is an excellent book that will be of great benefit to those who feel lost and overwhelmed. Just take it one chapter at a time. And everything will be OK.

Damon Hill

'I guarantee this book can help everyone in some shape or form.'