Be Water, My Friend
Shannon Lee

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Narrated By: Shannon Lee

Duration: 7 hours and 21 minutes

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Bruce Lee's daughter illuminates her father's most powerful life philosophies, and how we can apply his teachings to our daily lives

'Empty your mind; be formless, shapeless like water'

Bruce Lee is a cultural icon, world renowned for his martial arts and film legacy. But Lee was also a deeply philosophical thinker, believing that martial arts are more than just an exercise in physical discipline - they are a perfect metaphor for personal growth.

In Be Water, My Friend, Shannon Lee shares previously untold stories from her father's life along with the concepts at the core of his teachings. Each chapter reveals a lesson from Bruce Lee, expanding on the foundation of his iconic 'be water' philosophy to reveal a path to an enlightened way of being.

This is an inspirational call to action to consider our lives with new eyes and a testament to Lee's unique power to ignite our imaginations and transform our lives.

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Martial arts, Taoism, Philosophy

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This inspired guide will remind any reader that, while one cannot control external circumstance, how one responds is always a choice.

Publishers Weekly

A slender, potent book twining her father's timeless philosophies of living with her own reflections

Maria Popova

An inspirational commemorative for Lee aficionados and those sharpening their personal-growth skills