As Good As It Gets
Romesh Ranganathan

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Narrated By: Romesh Ranganathan

Duration: 5 hours and 33 minutes

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Confronted by the realities of adulthood, Romesh Ranganathan must face an uncomfortable truth: this is not quite how he imagined it.

Watching his friends descend into middle age, his waistline thicken and his finances dwindle to fund his family’s middle class aspirations, Romesh reflects on the demands of daily life and the challenges of adulting in the modern world.

As he reluctantly concludes that he is indeed a grown man, Rom wrestles with the greater questions that threaten his being: Could I save my family in a crisis? Do I possess the skills to assemble flatpack furniture? Am I too old for streetwear? Is it alright to parent my kids through the medium of Fortnite? Is celibacy the secret to a passionate marriage?

From one of the countries most beloved comedians and author of the Sunday Times bestseller STRAIGHT OUTTA CRAWLEY comes the hilarious and painfully accurate dissection of what it really means to grow up.

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Autobiography: general, Biography: arts & entertainment, Humour, Popular culture

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'There's both side-splitting humour and a tenderness to comedian and writer Romesh Ranganathan's latest book'

Red Magazine

Hilariously told, this personal interrogation is both relatable and comforting, recognising that nobody really knows how to be a grown-up.

Radio Times

"One of the funniest people in the world. Annoyingly talented at everything he does which includes writing books. As Good As it Gets is hilarious. Is there anything this man can't do? Yes: most sports."

Rob Beckett

"Annoyingly I enjoyed this book as much as I do seeing Romesh live"