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Narrated By: Alex Wyndham

Duration: 9 hours and 15 minutes

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Join the deadly journey of cocaine, from farmer to kingpin.

Meet Maria. Maria doesn’t see herself as a criminal. She’s just a farmhand picking the crops that never lose money: coca.

This is Cachote. He prays to the Virgin of the Assassins that his bullets find their target. If he misses, he’ll have to answer to the cartel who pay him to take out their enemies.

Pedro works the coca labs. But this laboratory is hidden deep in the jungle, and he turns coca leaves in to coca paste, a step just short of cocaine.

And finally, here is Alex. Alex is a drug-lord and decides where the drug goes next: into Europe or the US. And he wields the power of life and death over everyone around him.

In Kilo, Toby Muse takes us deeper into the mechanism of the drug trade than ever before, following a kilo of cocaine as it travels from its origins to the street. On the ground in the drug war for over a decade, earning the trust of those involved on all sides, Toby Muse takes us with him through the endless blood-soaked horror and economic logic at every level of the journey of the world’s most alluring and dangerous drug. We come to meet and ultimately understand the tainted personal psychology and motivations of each player in this dark El Dorado.

But there are no winners here. Anyone who tries to hold the power of the ‘white goddess’ cocaine is ultimately undone, violently stripped of their humanity, their souls and their lives in this endless, pointless dance of death.

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True crime

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Kilo is one of the best books I've read on the cocaine trade... Forget all the TV stuff, this is the real deal

Max Daly, Vice

Poetic but also brilliant journalism. I loved it. One of the best books on drugs ever written

Mark Townsend, Observer

In Kilo, Toby Muse teleports the reader into the mad, bloody, tragic world of Colombian cocaine trafficking. You can feel the beats at the discos packed with drug lords and beauty queens; smell the sweat of laborers toiling in the coca fields for a pittance; hear the dog of the gun slinger barking in the barrio. In doing so, he pens a love letter to one of the most beautiful and bloodiest countries on earth

Ioan Grillo, author of El Narco and Blood Gun Money

Absolutely hair-raising

Sam Leith

Kilo is surely the best account of the cocaine trade that will be ever be written, as well as the most incredible work of investigative journalist I've read