Scrum Fieldbook
J.J. Sutherland

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Narrated By: J.J. Sutherland

Duration: 6 hours and 30 minutes

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A revolutionary new method to make every business more productive as used by Amazon, Google and the FBI

Work. You’re doing it wrong.

Do you ever worry that you never get as much done as you want to? Or that your projects encounter insurmountable problems before they even get started? Or that your colleagues spend days talking over their ideas without actually implementing them?

J. J. Sutherland has the solution. In his international bestseller Scrum, he introduced a simple, revolutionary tool to turbo-charge the output of every team. Based on decades of research and road-tested at the headquarters of Google and Amazon, the Scrum method transformed how a generation of leaders work – first in Silicon Valley, and then in boardrooms around the world.

Now, in The Scrum Fieldbook, Sutherland returns with a hands-on guide to using the Scrum method at any level of every company. He reveals how its focus on rapid innovation, no-bullshit meetings and quick-fire decision-making has immediate relevance for every organisation on Earth. And he offers a step-by-step method for using Scrum in your projects – starting today.

The result is a game-changing fieldbook that will make your business more productive.

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