On The Black Hill
Bruce Chatwin

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Narrated By: Steffan Rhodri

Duration: 8 hours and 4 minutes

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The audio edition of On The Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin.

On the Black Hill
is an elegantly written tale of identical twin brothers who grow up on a farm in rural Wales and never leave home. They till the rough soil and sleep in the same bed, touched only occasionally by the advances of the twentieth century.

In depicting the lives of Benjamin and Lewis and their interactions with their small local community Chatwin comments movingly on the larger questions of human experience.


Historical fiction

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Nearly every writer of my generation in England has wanted, at some point, to be Bruce Chatwin; wanted, like him, to talk of Fez and Firdausi, Nigeria and Nuristan, with equal authority; wanted to be talked about, as he is, with raucous envy; wanted above all to have written his books…(he was) a writer no one who cares for literature can afford not to read.

New York Times

His deepest and best book


When I think of Bruce Chatwin now, I think of the ultimate storyteller. It’s the resonance of the voice and the depth of his vision that makes him one of the truly great writers of our time