Energy Plan
James Collins

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Narrated By: James Collins

Duration: 5 hours and 50 minutes

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Random House presents the audiobook edition of The Energy Plan, written and read by James Collins.

The secret diet of the sports elite - and how you can eat to win in your life

World-leading sports nutritionist James Collins shapes the diets of Olympic athletes and Premiership footballers, so they are on peak form when it counts. After a decade of working with the likes of Arsenal FC, England Football and Team GB, now he’s distilling his elite sports success into simple food principles that any of us can follow to feel at our best in our daily lives.

Peak performance is all about energy and how to eat and exercise right for your body and your routine. By following The Energy Plan, you will learn how to fuel your body for your life, power through the 3pm slump and resist the junk foods that drag you down. Instead you will naturally choose foods that will leave you bursting with energy for work and play. You’ll feel more productive and flourish under pressure. You’ll sleep well, lose unwanted weight and never (or rarely) get ill again.

Forget fasting and low carb diets. The Energy Plan is a whole new mindset that will forever change your relationship with food, exercise and your body, giving you a winning edge in everything that you do.

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This isn’t a diet book, it’s a guide to new ways of thinking and the science is easy to digest.

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Who wouldn’t want to jump out of bed early in the morning with vigour or get to the end of the day without feeling like the walking dead? This is where James can help.