Founding Gardeners
Andrea Wulf

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Narrated By: Antonia Bath

Duration: 9 hours and 20 minutes

What to expect

A follow-up to Andrea Wulf's award-winning and critically acclaimed history of British gardening, this is the story of how George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and James Madison's passion for nature, plants, agriculture and gardens shaped the birth of America.

Through a series of vignettes spanning the Declaration of Independence to the death of Adams and Jefferson exactly fifty years to the day afterwards, these stories that weave the political, the personal and the botanical and are in turns funny, fascinating and moving. The Founding Gardeners shows that it is impossible to understand these visionary men and the American nation without considering their love of gardening.


Social & cultural history

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WONDERFULLY ENGAGING... Her knack for description is marvelous

Times Literary Supplement

A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT... Excellent [and] riveting

Country Life

EXCELLENT... Wulf writes enthrallingly. Wonderfully illuminating and readable

Daily Telegraph

ENGROSSING... excellent ... fascinating... a timely and passionate book


SUPERB...this book will fascinate anyone interested in gardening, agriculture or American history.