Not The End Of The World
Kate Atkinson

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Narrated By: Fenella Woolgar

Duration: 7 hours and 1 minute

What to expect

What is the real world? Does it exist, or is it merely a means of keeping another reality at bay?

Not the End of the World is Kate Atkinson's first collection of short stories. Playful and profound, they explore the world we think we know whilst offering a vision of another world which lurks just beneath the surface of our consciousness, a world where the myths we have banished from our lives are startlingly present and where imagination has the power to transform reality.

From Charlene and Trudi, obsessively making lists while bombs explode softly in the streets outside, to gormless Eddie, maniacal cataloguer of fish, and Meredith Zane who may just have discovered the secret to eternal life, each of these stories shows that when the worlds of material existence and imagination collide, anything is possible.


Modern & contemporary fiction, Magical realism

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Moving and funny, and crammed with incidental wisdom

Sunday Times

Exceptional...Sharp, witty and completely compelling

Daily Mail

I can think of few writers who can make the ordinary collide with the extraordinary to such beguiling effect...left me so fizzing with admiration


An exceptionally funny, quirky and bold writer

Independent on Sunday

Inventive and moving, these are truly tales for the new millennium