Hannibal: The Patrol
Ben Kane

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Narrated By: Michael Praed

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

What to expect

The thrilling prequel to Ben Kane's Hannibal: Fields of Blood. An exclusive straight to digital short story.


In Cisalpine Gaul, a Carthaginian patrol is moving stealthily through thick woodland.

It’s led by Hanno, one of Hannibal’s young officers, and his second-in-command Mutt.

Famished and cold, they are making for a town full of the grain that they desperately need.

But the local Gauls cannot be trusted; and although defeated, the Romans still have patrols in the area.

With peril on every side and a deadly ambush ahead, there is no certainty that either Hanno or Mutt will survive ...


Historical fiction, War, combat & military fiction, Short stories

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