When Jack Sued Jill
Felix Dennis

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Narrated By: Felix Dennis

Duration: 1 hour and 17 minutes

What to expect

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When Jack Sued Jill is the latest collection of original verse by maverick multimillionaire publisher Felix Dennis. Taking the innocence of nursery rhymes and turning them into something altogether darker, Dennis turns his piercing eye on the follies and absurdities of modern life.

From ASBOs to Osama Bin Laden, creationism to crack houses, Humpty Dumpty to Tony Blair, nothing and no one is spared. Even more shockingly, once you've read Dennis's updating of 'Little Miss Muffet', you'll never be able to think of her in the same way again.

Scathing and hilarious, imaginative and unpredictable, When Jack Sued Jill is an essential collection of twisted nursery rhymes for the twenty-first century.


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The unpredictable Felix Dennis bursts forth as a 21st-century Kipling

Tom Wolfe

If Waugh were still alive, he would fall on Dennis's verse with a glad cry of recognition and approval