I Was There Too! The Complete Series

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Narrated By: Eleanor Bron, Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Maggie Stead

Duration: 41 minutes

What to expect

Three 'witness' insights into history. In 'That Door' by Elizabeth Kuti (read by Eleanor Bron), it is Wittenberg, 1517 and Brother Martin meets the indomitable Frau Sprenger. In 'Nothing but Blue Skies' by Dominic Power (read by Elizabeth Mastrantonio), Katherine Rudd, now 97, recalls events on the night of the Roswell incident in New Mexico, 1947. In 'Permanent Wave' by Ian Sansom (read by Maggie Stead), what might Margaret Thatcher's hairdresser have witnessed in the lead up to her exit from Downing Street?


Historical fiction

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