Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack (Complete)
Lucy Montgomery

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Narrated By: Lucy Montgomery, Philip Pope, Sally Grace

Duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes

What to expect

Lucy Montgomery's Variety Pack is a multi-paced, one woman Fast Show for BBC Radio 4 showcasing the exceptional talent of Lucy Montgomery. In these four episodes, she performs an array of comic characters including a fame-hungry celebrity mother and an 8-year-old diva. We find out why the Mona Lisa has been dumped by the Laughing Cavalier, meet a police officer who can't find the right words, hear a street survey that probes too far and Candi Karmel's sister makes an appearance. In addition, posh privately-educated teenagers Daisy and Maisie show prospective parents around their school and Joanna Lumley visits her mother with a Christmas present... Featuring Lucy Montgomery, Philip Pope, Sally Grace, Waen Shepherd and Natalie Walter. Produced by Katie Tyrrell. Written by Lucy Montgomery with additional material by Steven Burge, Jon Hunter and Joe Wilkinson. Music by Philip Pope.


Films, cinema, Television, Radio, Humour

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