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Narrated By: Robert Wikstrom

Duration: 8 hours and 41 minutes

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From Herbert Hoover through Donald Trump speeches, press conferences and campaign addresses are featured from candidates running for various positions: senators and representatives, governors, mayors, state and municipal officeholders, and more. What each candidate promises and pledges to those they hope to gain support. Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, DNC acceptance speech, 7/2/32Adlai Stevenson, 1952 DNC acceptance speech, 7/26/52John F. Kennedy announces candidacy for president, 1/2/60George Wallace, Little Rock campaign speech, 7/17/64Robert F. Kennedy, Senate campaign speech at Columbia, 10/5/64Bob Dole, campaign speech at New Hampshire legislature, 2/11/88Al Gore, campaign speech for Newspaper Editors Convention, 4/14/88Bill Clinton announces candidacy for president, 10/3/91Ross Perot, campaign speech at NAACP, 7/12/92Jesse Jackson, 1996 DNC speech, 8/27/96Ralph Nader, rally at Madison Square Garden, 10/13/00Sarah Palin, Alaska governor inauguration, 12/4/06Rudy Giuliani, Florida primary speech, 1/29/08Jesse Ventura, rally for Ron Paul, 9/2/08Herman Cain announces candidacy for president, 5/21/11Ron Paul, New Hampshire primary speech, 1/10/12Mitt Romney, 2012 RNC acceptance speech, 8/30/12Bernie Sanders, campaign speech in Manchester, NH, 5/2/15Donald Trump announces candidacy for president, 6/16/15Hillary Clinton, foreign policy campaign speech in San Diego, 6/2/16


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